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What is EuResist Satellite DB?

ESaDB is a tool for management of HIV patient data realised by the EuResist Network. ESaDB is provided for free and is downloadable here. ESaDB is based on the free Firebird database engine and runs locally on your PC without the need of the Internet. The system has functions enabling smooth exchange of data with the EuREsist Integrated Data Base (EIDB), thus facilitating cooperation between remote sites, under EuResist Network partnership agreement and data protection policy.

ESaDB permits to store clinical and sequence data of your patients and to predict the activity of the individual antiretroviral drugs based on the viral sequence of your patient, thanks to the AntiRetroScan algorithm running on the ARCA platform.

ESaDB is very easy to use, if needed you can find online help here.

EuResist Network is a scientific no-profit network for the study and the fight of HIV drug resistance and related issues at a global level. EuResist Network will be very grateful if you want to contribute with your data to this initiative. Read our Partnership Agreement.

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