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System requirements

EuResist Satellite can be installed on 32-bit Windows operating systems only. (Support for 64-bit architectures will follow shortly). The program requires at least 300MB free disk space. Intel Pentium 4 or further CPU class is required. At least 1 GB RAM is required.

The installation program will check for the Microsoft .net framework version 4.0 to be installed on the computer. If the required runtime is not installed on the computer it will be downloaded from the internet.

Installation instructions

Esadb_installer_screen_1_small 1. Run the ESaDB.msi file to run the installation program. Installation is easy and straightforward.

Esadb_installation_complete_small 2. Follow the installation wizard changing default values if needed. At the end of the installation procedure, the application will start automatically.

Input-admin_small 3. The first time the application is run, a form will ask you to input the admin password. The admin password will protect unauthorized users to access private data on the applicaiton, and will serve to perform administrative operations on the software. Choose an admin password and save it in your own records securely.

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User Roles

ESaDB requires at least the creation of two user account to work: an administrator user and an unprivileged user (doctor). Administrator account password will be required by the applicaiton in special cases, such as the creation of a doctor account. Only unprivileged users can login inside the ESaDB, so a first doctor account creation is required immediately after the administrator password has been created.

Normal operations are perfomed as the doctor role. Every doctor role must belong to a Unit. Units are objects that group together different doctor accounts, so that a user logging in as a doctor can see and edit data of patients created by doctors of the same unit.

Creating a doctor account requires input of the Administrator password in order to avoid unprivileged users to access sensible data.

Password management

Keep administrator password secure.

ESaDB allows to input a line of text as a hint to recover password for both admin and doctor accounts. There's no other way to recover a lost password. If the admin password gets lost, there will be no other way to gain admin access to the system.

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Remote account and data upload

What is the remote database

ESaDB has functions enabling smooth exchange of data with the EIDB, thus facilitating cooperation between remote sites. Under the EuResist Partnership agreement only when you want and when the Internet connection is available, you can upload your data to the central EIDB with the 'upload data' feature. Data are protected and ownership is maintained to the data provider.

How to send data

In order to access this feature, users must register online for a user account at this web address. Users will be asked to confirm their email address. Once the registration process is complete, the newly created credentials (email/password pair) can be used to access the 'upload data' feature.

The doctor's online account is not bound to the local doctor account, it can thus be used on different ESaDB installations to send data to the central database.

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